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The Explorer

Talk about a lion in sheep's clothing! This lovely lion loves to explore, especially in the Northern regions of the globe. In fact, his treasured sweater is a souvenir handmade from Icelandic wool!

A perfect present for the little loves in your life, whether it be your own child or that of a cherished friend or family member (or even the inner child residing within your heart!). Each doll is hand knit, hand embroidered, and hand sewn using natural fiber yarns. Each doll is one-of-a-kind and is a timeless treasure sure to become a special companion for the family for years to come.

Measures approx. 13"

Wool (body and jumper) and Organic Cotton (fill)


Clothing is removeable

Care: Wash by hand (surface only) with cold water and wool friendly detergent, lay flat to dry, do not bleach

The Explorer

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